Jordan Taylor

I am a craft therapeutic nerse (artist).

Full of repetitive stitches, reflection, secret manifestations and shite - focused on collaboration, conspiracy theory and queerness. 

Email :  jordan.taylor.workemail@gmail.com


Current Collaborations

Exquisite Corpse (fashion version)

- Valleri Kong

Queer Craft (quilts and photographs)

Sarah-Joy Ford

Janina Sabaliauskaite

The Ultimate KiKi (life)

Tracy Rakira


PageMasters - Co-Founder.

Offset and Riso Printing service.

Eco / responsible paper and ink.

email for consultancy.



A print collaboration with my brother, we produce a magazine called NERU PHUYT and have created books with: Louis Dorton, Laura Bygrave, Alex Crocker and David harrison. For our next project we will be working with BLUE BAG LIFE, we are really keen to spread the word - please do too!

Royal Acadamy

Family Studio - Workshop leader, now and again.

Strange Perfume - Co-Founder.

A queer book fair held at South London Gallery.

(taking time out of this project atm)


Enterprise - DIG, London

Gone fishing - Assembly House, Leeds (SOTD)

Terracotta  - East Bristol Contemporary, Bristol (SOTD)

Mask - Geddes Gallery, Kings Cross

Neru Phuyt #1 Launch - The Star of Kings, Kings cross

Neru #2 Launch - Geddes Gallery, Kings Cross

Photos (with David Harrison & MPP) - Tramps, London

Degree Show School of the Damned (Monkey) - SET, London

Strange Perfume - South London Gallery, London

Exquisit Corpse Project Show - Cell Studios, Lonodn

Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon, Tomato

Don't steal from me