Some sassy shoes whilst isolating. Ive been using silicone, wax, plasticine, polyurethane casting rubber and some old cord

Crochet modelled by

Perry-James Sugden

Work in progress with Sarah-Joy Ford, eventually will be digitally printed onto crushed velvet and made into quilts.

Research images for the upcoming (...) third issue of Neru Phuyt. This issue is based on suburban planning with interestin the strange garden city idea.

Strangers - the first quilted flag made with Sarah-Joy Ford for the first Strange Purfume book fair at South London Gallery.

Printed crushed velvet, quilted and trimmed with crochet and fringes.

Work for end of year show, School of the Damned (year of the Monkey)

Short film for a screening at the Cube in Bristol, organised by Dudley the Nodule.

Model - Tracy Rakira

Editing - Alex Lundstrom

Mask Series.

Shot by Pavel Legonkov